Residential Lighting Standards

Summary of the new Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards by Space Type

a. Kitchens

At least half the installed wattage of luminaires in kitchens shall be high efficacy. However, lighting installed inside cabinets may not be required to be included in the wattage calculation that determines whether half of the installed wattage is high efficacy.

b. Bathrooms

At least one luminaire in each bathroom must be high efficacy. all other luminaires in a bathroom must be either high efficacy, or controlled by vacancy sensors.

c. Garages, Laundry Rooms, and Utility Rooms

All luminaires must be high efficacy, and must be controlled by a vacancy sensor.

d. Other Rooms

This classification applies only to rooms that are not kitchens, bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, closets, or utility rooms. all installed luminaires shall either be high efficacy or shall be controlled by a vacancy sensor or dimmer. closets that are less than 70 ft² are exempt from this requirement.

e. Outdoor Lighting – Single Family

In single-family residences, all luminaires mounted to the building (or to other buildings on the same lot) shall be high efficacy luminaires, or shall be controlled by a motion sensor and also by a photocontrol, astronomical time clock, or energy management control system (emcs).

f. Outdoor Lighting – Multifamily

Outdoor lighting for multifamily buildings is sometimes subject to the nonresidential outdoor lighting requirements.

g. Interior Common Areas of Multifamily Buildings

For high-rise multifamily buildings, the lighting of common areas shall comply with the nonresidential lighting requirements. for low-rise multifamily buildings, if the total interior common area of the building equals 20% or less of the floor area, common area lighting shall be high efficacy or controlled by an occupant sensor. if the total interior common area of the building equals more than 20% of the floor area, common area lighting shall meet the nonresidential lighting requirements.

h. Parking Lots

The nonresidential outdoor lighting Standards apply to residential parking lots or garages with space for eight or more cars, which are typically for multifamily buildings. The Nonresidential Lighting Standards for parking lots and/or garages apply in these cases (§130.2, §140.7).

Obtained from the CEC 2013 Title 24 Residential Compliance Manual. (