Our knowledgeable energy consultants can assist you with all of your Commercial Title 24 needs in the state of California. As part of our Commercial Title 24 energy compliance services, we offer:

  • Envelop Title 24 Compliance
  • Mechanical Title 24 Compliance
  • Lighting Title 24 Compliance

When building a new commercial structure or expanding to the conditioned floor space in an existing space, Title 24 envelope documentation needs to be submitted to obtain your building permits. You will also need a mechanical Title 24, if you’re modifying, adding or replacing the HVAC system in a commercial building.

Your construction project needs to comply with California Lighting Standards, if you are altering the lighting system or adding new lighting fixtures. In order for your lighting Title 24 to be approved, your energy calculation forms need to show the steps you will take to conserve energy in the building, including correct usage of light energy and other power-saving standards. Our consultants can perform energy analysis and Title 24 calculations, and provide you with energy compliance report and all other necessary documents including envelop and mechanical load calcs.

Why are Title 24 reports necessary? Established in 1978, The Energy Efficiency Standards for Commercial & Nonresidential serve to help reduce the rate of energy consumption in the state of California. In 2008, more modern standards were adopted to help reduce the demand for electricity in the state, and then in July 2014 new and stricter regulations became effective in order to help California save energy even more.

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